The Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet is a mix between the rider's needs, the designer's creative energy, and the engineer's technical vision. This helmet has a polycarbonate outer shell that’s durable, lightweight, and treated with an anti-scratch matte finish that looks stylish, modern, and keeps it show ring ready at all times. The inner shell is made of polystyrene with variable density which provides a better dissipation of the energy produced upon impact. Another safety feature is the semi-rigid chin strap and harness that reduce the risk of the helmet tipping forward during a fall. The internal comfort foam will mold to the unique shape of your head and never lose its shape, for a superior fit and level of comfort. It’s also removable and washable so you can say goodbye to stale and stinky helmets. Additionally, Samshield ensures maximum airflow through hidden vents that retains the elegance of the helmet without sacrificing breathability. Last but not least, this helmet is ASTM/SEI F1163-15 certified for your safety and peace of mind.

Size Guide :

The Samshield sizes system consists of 3 different scales, which are suitable for the various lining sizes. Please find below which lining sizes match with the different Samshield scales.

Samshield cap scale S is suitable for a Size 52 to 56 liner
Samshield cap scale M is suitable for a Size 55 to 58 liner
Samshield cap scale L is suitable for a Size 57 to 61 liner

Please note:

Size 55 and 56 are available for both a S scale and a M scale.
Size 57 and 58 are available for both a M scale and a L scale.