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Technical Features : 

Colour :

Colour of trim : 

For customization please contact us.

Colour of stitching : 

For customization please contact us.

Seat :

Size: 16, 17, 18

Depth: Medium deep 

Width: 26,5 cm

Withers size : 

from 29 to 37

Flaps - projections : 

Standard, +2 cm, +4 cm

Flaps - length : 

XS, S, Standard, L, XL, XXL

Flap : 

Double flap 

Panels : 

Latex LPF Flocked 

Leather : 

Elite (*) Smooth leather Calfskin leather Lux Printed leather (*) only in London: printed leather or double oiled calfskin

Weight : 

5,5 Kg

Blocks : 

Small, large

Plus :

  • Coloured accents
  • Ventilation openings on the flaps (in the smooth leather version)
  • Oval shaped hole
  • Ultra light weight

Care for your saddle :

In order to preserve the leather from premature ageing, we kindly advise you to:


  1. Store the saddle in a dry place, away from heat and sunlight.

  2. Increase the use of balsam and oil during Summer season, as the sun and high temperatures can dehydrate the leather;

  3. During Winter, the saddle and the accessories must be stored in a dry place to prevent mold growth.

  4. Dry carefully the leather of your saddle, if it has been in contact with water, clean it up with the Prestige Leather Balsam and store it in a dry place;

  5. Do not use excessive oil or balsam on the girth straps, to prevent damages or dangerous breakage;

  6. Use the Prestige non stretch stirrup leathers in order to prevent a premature wear of the flaps;

  7. Do not clean the saddle with products containing solvents or glycerin soap, as these substances will damage the integrity of the saddle;

  8. Do not put your saddle over others, as the excessive pressure may damage the panels flocking.

  9. Do not place dirty accessories over the saddle: the seat leather may dry out prematurely if in direct contact with dirt;

  10. Do not rub the reins against the front piping of the saddle: this may lead to an early deterioration of the components of the saddle.