• How to develop communication skills and effective body language
  • Advice on teaching adult novices and children, whether in groups or one-to-one
  • Valuable multi-option lesson plans
  • Choosing school horses and keeping them happy in their work
  • Safety and insurance, and how to cope with mishaps and accidents

Dealing with rider problems, such as nervousness, stiffness, poor co-ordination, etc.

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Imprint : Kenilworth Press Ltd

Pub Date : 01 July 2011

Dimensions : 172 x 234x 50mm| 362.87g

:  Shrewsbury, United Kingdom    


About The Author :

Islay Auty is a Fellow of The British Horse Society, BD accredited coach and judge and has a degree in Education. In her four decades in the horse industry her area of expertise has evolved in the development of under 21 riders and in training coaches. She has International experience in these fields, as well as regularly coaching many competitive partnerships