The Complete Horsemanship Volume 4 from The British Horse Society (BHS) is designed to support you as you progress and develop your knowledge and understanding from Stage 3 level to that of Stage 4 (previously known as the BHSII) and then ultimately to Stage 5 (previously known as the BHSI). Designed with your career in mind, the BHS Career Pathway offers a learning platform to help you reach your goals. The structure consists of world-leading and globally-recognised qualifications which will support you on your journey of life-long learning in the equine world.

The British Horse Society is the largest provider of equestrian education and qualifications in the UK, and as such, we believe it is our duty to ensure we reach and inspire those individuals who will truly make a difference to the future of our sector.

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Imprint : Kenilworth Press Ltd

Pub Date : 21 sep 2017

Dimensions : 219x 263x 30mm | 1,593g

 : Shrewsbury, United Kingdom 

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The British Horse Society education system is one of the best and most widely-respected in the world. The BHS Career Pathway gives each student the opportunity to gain qualifications and awards in their chosen profession. They have been specially developed, through extensive consultation with the equine industry, to combine the latest research and thinking with current practices and friendly assessment methods.