The Combi Blanket Set comes with the Magnetic Leg Wraps - Front Component, receive a special discount when purchase with Magnetic Leg Wraps - Hind Component.

This blanket comes with a high-performance applicator fitted with pulsed magnetic and massage modules. These are set along the spine on either side starting from the neck down to the tail. With additional units in the shoulder and knee area. 

The Professional control panel that comes with the professional blanket consists of 18 different programs and 8 pre-set sequences. All settings are also fully adjustable to customize to the needs of your horse.

The professional pulsed magnetic leg wraps have four magnetic coils which are operated from the top down on the outside of the leg, then back up on the inside of the leg. The easy application makes for effortless treatment of the horse's legs.

The leg wraps come in a pair of two front wraps. If you wish to add hind leg wraps you can order them separately as components without a control panel. (See hind leg wraps - component)

On request, leg wraps can be supplied with additional massage modules. If you wish to order leg wraps with a massage function, please send us a message and we will contact you asap.

Why choose Activo-Med:

  • Easy to use control panel
  • 18 pre-set programs
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with duffle bags
  • Light in use & easy to take with you

The choice of the top sport riders!