Inno Sense  Fixed Weymouth 
A weymouth fixed is used together with a bradoon. The weymouth is a cheekpiece with leverage. The longer the shanks the sharper the effect. The weymouth fixed has long shanks and therefore is a stronger bit than the baby weymouth fixed. This cheekpiece must always be combined with a curb chain to prevent the bit from rotating too far in the horse’s mouth.

Inno Sense Bits
The Inno Sense collection kann be used for all types of horses, but are very suitable for young horses, as well as those that are very sensitive in the mouth. The used material is FDA approved, which indicates that the bits are non-toxic and they do not contain any plasticizers. The Inno Sense bits are available with four different mouth pieces and can be combined with all types of side pieces. 

The Inno Sense Mullen is a straight bar that slightly bends forward. This mouthpiece is fabricated of elastic synthetic material. The bit has a rigid core that makes the mullen bar not flexible but the material around it gives the bit a soft touch.