Help reduce boredom & stress with the Likit Granola Stall-Ball. Your horse will have great fun trying to lick and grab the ball, providing hours of entertainment.

The Likit Granola Stall-Ball could last anywhere from a week to a month, depending on how food motivated your horse is and how you hang the ball, hang freely for more of a challenge.

The rock hard formulation of Likit Granola plus the round shape means the horse has to work for their reward, providing hours of boredom relief.  Licking stimulates salivation, which helps buffer stomach acid.

Composition: Glucose, Mixed Grains (Kibbled Maize, Rolled Oats, Bruised Barley, Whole Wheat), Sucrose

Analysis: Fibre 1.5%, Sugar as sucrose 17.6%, Moisture 13.5%, Starch 14.3%