Canadian born Suzan St Maur has lived in the UK since childhood. After an early career start in journalism on a local newspaper, she transferred her allegiances to advertising and later became a highly successful scriptwriter in business television and live events. Today she writes prolifically across most media for a wide variety of business communication purposes. She has also written several published books on consumer and business topics.

Meet the author Suzan St. Maur

Suzan St Maur is an international business writer, editor and best-selling author. She has written more than twenty titles, including several joke books. She started riding at the age of eleven and has fond memories of her days as a Pony Club member and although she no longer rides, she is an active local Riding Club committee member. She lives in Bedfordshire with her son, three dogs and three cats. Her previous titles include The Horse Lovers Joke Book and Canine Capers, both published by Kenilworth Press.