Dog'Skin Shampoo is designed to ensure maximum compliance.  Its quick lather, easy rinse formula is ideal for bathtime and is gentle enough to be used as frequently as desired.

Effective Deodorising - Enzymatic deodorisers neutralise odours in the coat and cling to fur after rinsing to provide ongoing odour reduction long after bathtime.

Microflora Balancing - Doggy odours can be caused when the skin's microflora becomes unbalanced, so Dog'Skin Shampoo uses skin prebiotics to rebalance the microflora and reduce unwanted smells.

Moisturising & Conditioning - Dog'Skin Shampoo provIdes a deep clean and degreases the fur without the use of harsh detergents which strip natural oils from the coat. It also contains compounds which actively moisturise the skin and condition the coat for easier detangling.

Pet Friendly Fragrance - Dogs possess a highly sensitive sense of smell so unlike some pet shampoos, Dog'Skin does not rely on using fragrance to mask unwanted odours and is designed to leave only a subtle fresh Tea Tree scent behind.


Wet coat with tepid water.  Apply Dog'Skin Shampoo liberally, massaging gently through the coat to work into a lather, avoiding the eye area.  Rinse thoroughly with tepid water.  For optimum deodorising results, leave product on the coat for 5-10 minutes to allow the deodorisers to get to work before rinsing.  In heavily soiled pets, a first wash to remove excess dirt and debris followed by a second wash to clean and deodorise, may be required.  As with all topical products, we recommend a small patch test 24hr prior to initial use.  For full usage guidelines please refer to the product label.