The three essential amino acids, valine, leucine, and isoleucine cannot be manufactured by the body, yet are required in large amounts in the diet of athletic animals to ensure the optimum recovery and repair of muscles after exertion. Branch Chain Amino Acids are required in high amounts any time there is strenuous exercise and stress, including after muscle injury, surgery, and, of course, hard or prolonged exercise. Muscle tissue consists of about one-third of these three branch chain amino acids. Any muscle damage during exertion from excess lactic acid results in the loss of large amounts of these critical nutrients. Regular supplementation before, and after heavy exertion, helps reduce the effects of lactic acidosis, tying-up syndrome, and other muscle problems, allowing muscles to continue to work to the maximum potential. L-Carnitine is added to BC5aa PASTE to improve the utilization of fats in energy production as fat breakdown does not result in excess lactic acid production. L-Glutamine is also an energy source.

Active Constituent:

L-Leucine 22.00g, L-Isoleucine 5.50g, L-Valine 5.50g, L-Glutamine 0.68g, L-Carnitine 0.43g, Aniseed oil 25g/L

Pack Size:

60mL Adjustable Dose Syringe

Directions For Use:

To Assist Recovery From Strenuous Work: Give 60-80g orally within 30 minutes after exercise.

Horses In Training: Horses in training or returning from a layoff, give 60-80g 30-50 minutes before exertion and then repeat within 30 minutes post-exertion.


There is a small “window of opportunity” within 30 minutes after exercise when muscles begin the repair process during recovery. If sufficient branch chain amino acids are available at this time, optimum muscle repair and recovery will take place rapidly. If the diet has insufficient branch chain amino acids, then the repair process stops, and muscles damaged by free radicals and lactic acid production cannot repair themselves resulting in muscle soreness, tying up, cramping, pain, and poor performance. Ensure BC5aa PASTE is given within 30 minutes after exercise. BC5aa PASTE administered before hard exercise will ensure that sufficient branch chain amino acids are available while muscle exertion is occurring to limit muscle damage and maximize recovery.

BC5aa PASTE can be safely given with other Randlab supplements.

Meat Withholding Period: Nil

Racing/Event Withholding Period: Nil.

BC5aa PASTE contains no prohibited substances. If in doubt, always check with the local racing jurisdiction.