Made at the Ranch candles are all 100% premium soy wax, clean burning, eco friendly and chemical free. Each candle is handmade with only the highest quality natural cotton-braid lead free wick.

All personally poured with love, our luxurious triple scented candles will fill your space with a divine fragrance, creating a relaxing mood & ambience for all to enjoy.

I feel so fortunate that I can create such sublime fragrances, reminding you of memories, places and the people most dear to your hearts….xx


Scent Sampler 18 hrs

Show Pony Candle

Enjoy this warm + inviting scent - filled with the creamy vanilla smells of a toasted and gently caramelised roasted marshmallow over an open fire….

It’s a subtle sweet fragrance- not overpowering… just totally delicious :)

Miss Showgirl Candle

Sweet Lavender with hints of Violet and Creamy Vanilla…

A Sweet Treat!

Miss Showgirl is sweet and delightful…a reminder of that truly sweet musk sticks lolly from your favourite milk bar or lolly shop!

The Stables Candle

The Stables is a special blend you will fall in love with.

Mixed to perfection and hand poured..

It has a distinctively warm and masculine aroma with hints of Caramel, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and a sliver of Orange and Pear…..

All in all it’s delicious, warming and just perfect for the cooler months coming…

 to create an ambiance like no other….